Our Mission and Vision


Everest Academy Manila graduates will be leaders who, inspired by Catholic values, renew society



  • Educate students who excel academically and maximize their intellectual capacities to become life-long learners able to discern and think critically
  • Cultivate well-rounded, creative, and passionate leaders able to effectively communicate and collaborate with others
  • Form students strong in character and virtue, guided in their actions and choices by ethical principles and respect for the human person
  • Develop mature Christians who understand, value, live and share their faith
  • Forge socially-concerned individuals responsive to the spiritual and material needs of others
What We Offer:
  • Kindergarten to High School from August to May
  • International curriculum developed and licensed by National Consultants for Education
  • Integral Formation® - intellectual, human, spiritual, and apostolic development
  • Low teacher-student ratio
  • Gender specific classes on a co-ed campus.
  • Personalized attention
  • Family involvement and communication

We are an international Catholic school. We offer an international curriculum and membership in a worldwide system of Catholic schools, which follow the educational philosophy of Regnum Christi and the Legion of Christ. Our pedagogical approach focuses on holistic formation provided by a low student- to- teacher ratio and personalized attention for the formation of well-rounded individuals.

We commit ourselves to provide a moral and secure environment. We implement the Integral Formation® to develop the spiritual, intellectual, human, and apostolic dimensions of the whole person. Our standard curriculum is developed and licensed by National Consultants for Education. We combine the best elements of both the progressive and traditional approaches to develop the intellectual ability in our students to enable them to understand and form opinions and act positively on the challenges of our time. We encourage each one of them to reach his/her maximum potential and for him/her to strive for academic excellence.

We offer our services to the Archdiocese of Manila and the local Christian and surrounding communities, specifically Filipino and foreign families who seek quality international and Catholic education for their children.

An Everest Academy Graduate

The student who graduates from Everest Academy knows that personal formation has only begun. The Everest Academy graduate is well equipped for college. Intellectually, the graduate possesses a rich store of knowledge in the local and foreign tradition, a love for the truth, and a set of skills and habits necessary to tackle higher learning. Humanly, the graduate possesses a character that is well grounded in human virtue. Personally, the graduate demonstrates the ability to master his/her actions and choices. Spiritually, the graduate is continually maturing in the life of grace, as an authentic Christian who possesses a deep friendship with Christ. Apostolically, the graduate exhibits a disposition of service towards others -- body and soul. The Everest Academy graduate is a Christian leader.