Intellectual Development, High School

As students prepare to make important decisions and influence our world, they are challenged to think critically and integrate Christ-centered principles into their lives. Our goal is to positively prepare students for the future and help them fulfill the unique mission for which they are created.

This high school curriculum is especially formulated to guarantee readiness for tertiary education in any of the premier universities whether local or abroad.

Here at Everest Academy we offer a highly customized curriculum uniquely tailor-fitted to our learning community, blending together the world-class standards of the NCE, the more fortified paradigms underlying the DepEd's K to 12 program, and the horizon-expanding educational groundwork offered by the US-based Advanced Placement (AP) college preparatory program. This high school curriculum is especially formulated to guarantee readiness for tertiary education in any of the premier universities whether local or abroad.

This is still supported and complemented by a study of a second language,music, fine arts, physical education, technology programsand some electives

The Grade 9 and Grade 10 course offerings strengthen the knowledge and skills that the students learned from middle school with the core subjects becoming more specialized.These include English (composition and literature), Filipino, Mathematics (Geometry and Trigonometry), Science (Biology and Chemistry) and Social Sciences. This provides them a stronger foundation to take on the appropriate academic track in the succeeding grades to complete their basic education based on their aptitude and interest and upon the recommendation of their mentors and teachers.

Our Senior High School program opens doors to different curricular pathways, making it possible for individual students to pursue an educational track distinctly suited to prepare them for the future college course of their choice. Each distinct educational track is reinforced by a vibrant combination of AP and honors courses that are designed to underscore their readiness, all the while earning them college credit.?More electives are provided to challenge students to broaden their skills. Students may continue to participate in varsity level sports, extracurricular programs that would enhance their leadership skills and social activities to further their growth.

Gender specific approach allows students the opportunity to achieve their full potential. International studies affirm the advantage of single-gender education for boys and girls. Our gender-specific format enables us to challenge students in an environment that best serves the learning styles of each student. However, there are subjects where the boys and girls are combined to allow more flexibility in timetabling school activities and to give them a preview of college/university life.

Our teachers are deeply committed to seeing, developing and guiding each student to success. Teachers bring varied teaching and assessment approaches to the classroom, addressing different student needs and ensuring deep and durable learning opportunities for every student. Students at Everest Academy are supported by post-secondary counseling, SAT,Collegesand Universities entrance exam and AP exam preparations, all to ensure that every student has access to the best post-secondary opportunities.


Grade 9 to 12
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - 7:30 am to 3:30 pm
Wednesday - 7:30 am to 1:15 pm