Apostolic Development, High School

The apostolic formation is a hallmark of Everest's Integral Formation as the mission of the school is not just to form leaders for their own sake but rather, we work to form leaders that will transform society for the better. Our students learn to see the needs of those around them, to seek to respond with generosity and goodness of heart in a genuine and effective way, to "go out" as apostles in service. The word apostolic means "to be sent". Christ sent out his apostles to "Go...and make disciples" and to serve especially those in our world that are in greatest need.

At Everest Academy apostolic formation brings Intellectual, Human and Spiritual formation into harmony by providing the opportunity to discern Christ's call to serve and to love others and to bring others to know Him as well.

Virtue and leadership is taught and encouraged in all activities and circumstances of school life.

Each High School student is provided with occasions to participate in apostolic action and outreach projects throughout the year. They required to complete a minimum of 20 service hours annually as a means to fostering an apostolic heart. These are moments in which students can express their faith in actions of service to others. These service hours are guided by the spiritual and corporal works of mercy and might include such things as:

  • Visiting nursing homes and orphanages
  • Tutoring/mentoring of students to peers both in and outside of Everest
  • Participating in youth and family evangelization missions to the poor
  • Providing support to unwed mothers

At Everest we believe that when we follow the scriptural mandate to "give back," we ultimately "get back" more than we give because it broadens our capacity to love.