Intellectual Development, Lower School

Personal attention, small class sizes and a gender specific approach allows students the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Everest Academy's mission to teach, educate and form future Christian leaders who will make a positive impact on our society and cultureis realized when each student actively pursues his or her own personal formation. Personal attention, small class sizes and a gender specific approach allows students the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

During these early years of growth and childhood development, special attention is given to the individuality of each student. Every teacher at Everest Academy strives to teach the intellect, to educate the heart and to form the will, with consideration for each student's personal talents, motivations and circumstances. Since the good habits and attitudes formed in these years remain through adulthood, Everest Academy Manila aims to help cultivate integrity, commitment, accountability, respect and excellence (ICARE).

Students explore and discover their individuality in Kindergarten through second grade. Excellence in reading and writing are a priority, with a phonics-based language arts program that builds strong reading skills in Kindergarten. It is during these years of childhood growth and development that the individual attention of an Everest Academy education can help students discover a basic love for learning that will serve them well as they progress.

Designed to build on the foundation of our elementary program, the third through fifth grade curriculum emphasizes strong academics on the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Scienceswith the support of fine arts, music, studyof asecond language, physical education and technology programs.

Everest Academy acknowledges and supports the research that has proven that girls and boys differ in how they read, study and learn. We recognize the critical and distinct strengths males and females contribute to society. Separate classes for girls and boys leverage these functional and emotional differences to maximize the potential of each student to learn most effectively.Our gender specific classrooms on a co-institutional campus begin in Grade 4. This setting allows our teachers the opportunity to instruct students of each gender utilizing methodology specifically targeting the unique brain-based learning styles of males and females. Socially, when gender-related peer pressure is removed from the classroom, it allows girls and boys to interact with peers and adults in a mature and appropriate way. Through this gender specific educational model, we work to foster instruction to students in an atmosphere which maximizes their God-given potential.

The lower school curriculum provides a solid, coherent foundation of knowledge, concepts, and skills for later learning. Core content is designed to achieve the goals of integral formation and challenges students daily to expand their intellects to the utmost. These years provide the tools necessary to prepare the students to enter the demanding environment of a rigorous middle school program. Embedded in the solid academics is an emphasis on building confidence, study skills, proficiency in public speaking, writing, and computer skills.


8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Grades 1 to 5
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - 7:30 am to 2:10 pm
Wednesday - 7:30 am to 12:15 pm