Human Development, Middle School

Everest students receive human formation, which pertains to their psychological, emotional, social, and physiological development. It involves forming their character and teaching them to live their life in ways that most dignify human nature. The human formation sees to it that graduates of Everest Academy are persons of virtue, strong character and integrity who possess self-confidence, and leadership skills. Their behaviour also reveals that they possess principles based in truth that govern their actions and passions.

Virtue is taught and encouraged in all activities and circumstances of school life.

Students in Everest Academy are provided ongoing opportunities to exercise virtue on a daily basis. Virtue is taught and encouraged in all activities and circumstances of school life. The goal is to help students intellectually understand and internalize the virtues they are asked to practice. This serves to make these virtues part of their own life principles, helping them become true leaders of character. For this reason, Everest Academy considers formation in virtue to be a vital component of the educational program.

Personal Formation Plan and Formation Dialogue

Middle school and high school students develop a personal formation plan each year related to their particular, rapidly changing stages of development and also incorporating personal goals focusing on the four areas of integral formation: Academic, Human, Spiritual, and Apostolic. They then choose from a list of possible mentors -- priests, consecrated women, and teachers -- with whom they meet on a monthly basis for formation dialogue to review this plan and set goals for the year. The mentors accompany each and every student in their journey toward growth in Christian virtue and character development.

Formation dialogue is a unique service offered to our students at Everest Academy as a complement to the personal attention already offered in the classroom by each teacher. It is a one-on-one conversation about the challenges, trials, and joys that each boy and girl faces and a dialogue based on a friendship in Christ. Our adolescent students find the guidance and motivation they need to make the decisions that form them into authentic young men and women of integrity. At the core is a desire to become more like Christ himself, who is the model of every Christian.