Leadership Clubs


In order to support Integral Formation® Everest offers extracurricular programs and cultural clubs as a means of developing positive interests and qualities in students. These provide healthy recreation and a constructive use of free time and foster the student's identification with the school in a different setting within the school community.

Academic Clubs

Speech and Debate Society

The club provides the students the opportunity to participate in a competitive debate to learn how to confidently frame, present, and defend their ideas in a public, structured forum. Members are honed to have excellent public and extemporaneous speaking skills through collaborative and fun team activities.

Engineering for Kids

Engineering for Kids brings science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), to Lower School and Middle School in a fun and challenging way. It inspires children to build on their natural curiosity by teaching engineering concepts through hands-on learning.

Iqzential Chess Club

Iqzential Chess Club aims to promote and improve the chess playing skills of the students using thinking techniques, progressive lessons and tournaments. It also serves as the selection pool for future members of the Everest Academy Chess Varsity Team that annually competes in MISAA (Manila International School Athletic Association) Tournament.

Special Interest Clubs


The club fosters a community of dance, fitness and wellness enthusiasts sharing the same passion for the art of ballet. Through their classes, students will build physical strength and stamina; learn proper dance and movement techniques develop confidence, hone their creativity and intuition, and maintain an overall mind and body well-being.

Guhit Bulilit and Guhit

Guhit aims to teach students to love art through the influences of many artists. The club will help enhance, enrich, and give them exposure to art making. They will be introduced to different media, styles and techniques to make art more fun and enjoyable.

Everest Singers

Everest Singers caters to Lower School students who love to sing and are Broadway enthusiasts and performance-driven. Members are able to showcase their musical talents during various school events.

Everest Band

Everest Band unleashes the rock-n-roll superstars inside the students by honing their musical talents. Members are given the opportunity to perform during school concerts and events.

Everest Cooking Club

The Everest Cooking Club is open to all students from Middle school and High school who are interested to learn how to cook different cuisines and bake pastries. Members apply what they learn during mid-semester, end of semester, and culminating challenges. Students usually take advantage of these by donating the funds raised to a chosen cause.

Sports Clubs

Snag (Golf Club)

SNAG (Starting New At Golf), endorsed by golf figure Jack Nicklaus, is the easiest and most fun way to learn golf. It contains all the elements of the sport while also utilizing modified equipment and distinct teaching methods. This comprehensive training system was developed after years of research and field experience.


Handled by a distinguished coach who made a name in numerous cheer dance competitions, the program enables the students to develop agility, balance, creativity, confidence and discipline.

Taekwondo Club

Taekwondo Club is one the longest-running clubs in Everest. With full accreditation from the Philippine Taekwondo Association, students learn the core disciplines of the sport while having fun.

Student-initiated Clubs

EA Film Club

The club, headed by a high school student, is for students who share the same interest in film. Their skills are hone through lectures from professional filmmakers, viewing and production of short films, and taking the lead in school events documentation.

UN Model Club

UN Model Club, still headed by a high school student, is organized for the students who share the same passion in discussing international issues, diplomacy, and practice of public speaking.