Application Process

We are excited that you are considering Everest International Academy for your child. To inquire about the availability of seats in your child's grade level, please click on INQUIRY and fill out the information requested. We will try our best to respond to you in 1-2 business days.


2024-25 Admissions Application Requirements pdf
School Recommendation Form (K-Gr11).pdf
Teacher Recommendation Form (K-G1).pdf
Teacher Recommendation Form (Gr2-11).pdf

Online applications begin September 1, 2023

November 3, 2023 Kinder application deadline
November 14-15, 2023 Kinder testing
December 7, 2023 Lower school application deadline #1
January 16-19, 2024 Lower school testing #1
January 31, 2024 Upper school application deadline #1
February 12-14, 2024 Upper school testing #1
March 22, 2024 Lower school application deadline #2
April 15-17, 2024 Lower school testing #2
April 26, 2024 All application deadline
May 6-8, 2024 All level testing

As a private school, Everest International Academy reserves the right to subject all applications to the review of the admissions manager and committee. It is important that applicants must be aligned with the school's Catholic-based vision and mission. The submission of an application does not guarantee admission.

STEP 1: Online application

  1. Submit online application through the Everest International Academy website
  2. Initial admissions interview:
    Bring a hard copy of the completed application form to the interview

STEP 2: Upload jpeg or pdf copies of these documents to your child’s account:

  1. ID photo: white background; white shirt w/ collar taken within the last month
  2. Certified birth certificate*
  3. Original baptismal certificate (for Catholic applicants)*
  4. PSA parent’s marriage contract (or equivalent for non-Filipinos)
  5. Most recent family photo (not more than 1 year old)
  6. Complete report card for the previous academic year (Grade 1-11 applicants)*
  7. Complete report card for the year before the previous academic year (Grade 2-11 applicants)*
  8. Course description for Grade 9 and 10 Math and Science classes (Grade 10-11 applicants)*
  9. First Communion certificate (if applicable)*
  10. Special needs report no more than 6 months old (if applicable)
  11. Affidavit of legal guardianship (if applicable)
  12. Download both recommendation form templates and request your current principal or guidance counselor AND teacher to email completed recommendation forms directly to
For non-Filipino passport holders:
(Authenticated English translation must be provided for non-English documents)
  • Passport pages showing bio-page, valid visa and length of stay*
  • ACR I-Card
  • Foreign students with 9A (tourist/balikbayan) visas should secure a special study permit. The Registrar’s Office will assist in obtaining this after enrollment and classes have started. Foreign Students exempted from securing special study permits are native-born children and those of 9E (diplomats), 9G/SIRV/SRRV/SSWV (investors), and 13G (permanent residents) valid visa holders.
For students previously enrolled in a school outside the Philippines:
  • F-137/Transcript of records for evaluation purposes, from Kindergarten up to the most recent level of schooling, with official English translation

STEP 3: Payment of application fee

  1. Kindergarten - Php 4,500.00; Grade 1-11 - Php 7,000.00
  2. The admissions office will email the online payment instructions only upon the complete submission of documents

STEP 4: Entrance test

  1. The admissions office will email your child’s entrance test schedule for you to confirm.
  2. Bring the following documents for verification against the uploaded digital copies:
    • Original Baptismal certificate
    • Original First Communion certificate
    • Original Birth certificate or passport, and 1 clear photocopy for submission
    • For student whose previous school was abroad: Original complete transcript from Kinder to current grade level, and 1 clear photocopy for submission

STEP 5: Release of admissions decision via email

Any decision by the admissions committee is final. As the evaluation is holistic, the school need not specify the detailed reason/s for non-admission to parents or guardians.

All transfer students are probationary for the first year. To be readmitted the following school year, the student must meet all academic requirements and must not incur any major or grave disciplinary offenses.