8th Grade Everest Student wins 1.9 Million Peso Scholarship to European School Abroad for 1 year

April 23, 2014 Lower School Middle School High School

8th Grade Everest Academy Student, Betty Nakpil, has won an international competition for a 75% scholarship abroad in one of our International Immersion Boarding Academies! Betty has chosen Woodlands Academy (http://www.woodlands-academy.org) a school for girls 6th-9th grade, in Dublin, Ireland for her 1 year immersion scholarship. Woodlands is part of OAK International, an organization that provides educational programs to enhance the integral formation of children and young adults.

Betty was able to compete by means of her Semper Altius Awards, her excellent academic and conduct grades in school, and her leadership exercised in extracurricular activities, summer camps, and clubs. Additionally, Betty designed an outreach program of Integral Formation for the Elderly as part of her scholarship application. This project reinforced her deep understanding of Integral Formation in action and can be viewed at: http://caritatem.weebly.com/ .

Students in this immersion program have the chance to go on several weekend outings, and as such, Betty will have the opportunity to take two major European Trips -- Italy at Christmas and Switzerland for Easter -- and an additional three other minor trips to Paris, France, London, England, Lisbon, or Portugal.  

We are very happy for Betty and congratulate her and her family for this momentous achievement! We look forward to more Everest Academy Students participating in this contest in the years to come.