Call to Spread the Message of Christ

January 15, 2013 Lower School Middle School High School

Message from the Chaplain

Dear Everest Academy family,

In this coming Sunday’s gospel, St. Luke desires to share with his friend, Theophilus, the treasure that he had experienced about the life and events of Christ so that Theophilus will have a better experience of Jesus in his own life. It is an example of what all Catholics are called to do. In our daily life, we are constantly receiving the message of Jesus’s love and we are called to spread this message.

This last Tuesday, we had a chance to do just that. We had a recollection with the 5B class at the Salesian seminary in Parañaque. We were able to share with the boys the treasures that kept our hearts burning about Jesus Christ. We helped the boys first to have a clear knowledge of this Jesus Christ who suffered and died for us. From the knowledge of Christ we tried to aid the boys to value what Christ had done for them by dying on the cross. Finally, through the appreciation of Christ’s sacrifice for us the students made an effort to try to console the suffering Christ by doing acts of generosity.

It was an amazing experience to see how much the students were able to grasp from the recollection. One boy commented that he learned that the sufferings that we have in our daily life is nothing compared to what Christ had done for us. Another one mentioned that he had learned how much Christ suffered for him. Some boys mentioned that sufferings allowed them to love more freely. It is incredible what children are able to comprehend from a few hours of recollection.

St. Luke shared his experience with his friend and little did he know, after 2,000 years, this shared experience became one of the main reference to what we know about Jesus and Mary through the gospel according to St. Luke. St. Luke made a difference in the world by ardent yearning to make Christ known. We were able to help our students by speaking to them of our own experience of Christ. I encourage you all to do the same. Christ needs our hands, feet, and mouth to bring his love to all men. Make Christ proud of you, and be that Catholic that he had asked us to be.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Hieu Nguyen, LC