Everest Academy Celebrates the Victories that Set the Tone for 2016

January 20, 2016 Lower School Middle School High School

Last January 21, 2016, Everest Academy Manila gathered our upper school students, faculty and parents to recognize the efforts of students to go above and beyond themselves in the academic and sports realm.

Father Luis Garza, LC, opened the occasion with an opening prayer, which was immediately followed by the announcements. Students who made it to the Principal's honor roll attained a perfect GPA of 4.0 in their academics, while those who made it to the Honor's roll attained a GPA of 3.75 in the quarter with no grade lower than a B in any subject. High school students are recognized as merit awardees if they achieve a quarter GPA of 3.50.

Several students were also awarded "Student of the Week" as well as "Student of the Month" for the duration of November to January 2015, for their exemplary behavior and peer interaction as well as their overall progress in their academics.

The school's awards for the past math competitions were also celebrated, and the teams that brought forth the victories came up front to be congratulated and recognized for their efforts.

Coach Cholo Sarmenta presented the awards of our skillful football team for the boys and girls, recognizing their ability to compete with other schools. He possessed to the same hopes for the basketball team for boys and girls, which he proudly introduced to the assembly.

Everest Academy continues to challenge our students to pursue excellence in every aspect as teachers introduced various competitions to compel the students to activate their creativity and participation. Firstly, in a journalism competition called "RACJOURN: For the Youth, For the Filipinos" to be led by Ms. Chung, and secondly, in a poetry competition initiated by Ms. Pascual. Everest Academy also excitedly announced the students participating in the Speech Cup 2016 themed "Pamana: Boses ng Pinalaya, bosesnamagpapala," to be held in the University of the Philippines, Diliman.The team representing Everest Academy will be under the supervision and guidance of Ms. Paglinawan. This would be a first for Everest Academy Manila, and all the aforementioned competitions showcase our school's growth and success in our pursuit of Integral Formation and excellence in all aspects.

Messages of encouragement and pride were promoted by our principal, Mrs. Cura, as she thanked the students, parents and academic team for their efforts to push boundaries. She went on further to communicate the importance of building the community of Everest Academy through supporting one another in the school's endeavors. Mr. dela Chica, the Dean of Students, ended the assembly proper with the introduction of the virtue of "Gratitude," which all members of the school are called on to actively participate in.

The year definitely starts of with a high note with more students pursuing the excellence in every aspect. Everest Academy joyfully shares in the victories of our students with hopes that they continue to soar to greater heights for this new quarter.

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