Lower School Grandparents Day

January 22, 2014 Kindergarten Lower School Middle School High School

By Ms. Rinna Puno
4B Homeroom teacher

Being very close to my grandparents, it has always been one of the school activities that I have looked forward to as a teacher. It is a special day for all of us to honor two people who mean so much to us. Truly, the love of grandparents is inexhaustible, and they are great blessings from God.

It is always very pleasant to reminisce about heartwarming moments with them. I remember what one of my students said, “That’s one thing that’s true about all grandparents, they all cook and bake so well!” He commented this when a classmate, offered to share a piece of his beef salpicao that was lovingly prepared by his grandma.

We were blessed to have had a big attendance of grandparents at the school’s celebration of Grandparent’s Day. During the thanksgiving mass, I couldn’t help but look through the rows of grandparents. It filled up my heart with gratitude to our heavenly Father. They are the reasons our Everest Academy students have such great capacities to love! They have showered them with guidance and affection from day 1.

We all hope that our dear lolos and lolas enjoyed the fun activities we prepared for them. They danced like stars on the patio, not missing a beat! The bingo games were suspenseful and exciting even for their grandchildren!

My wish for all lower school students is for them to not only to continue to sponge in love and valuable pieces of advice from their grandparents, but to take every opportunity to reciprocate the affection.

May our Lord shower our dear grandparents with abundant blessings, good health, and happiness. We look forward to seeing them all again!

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