One Million Lights

February 15, 2013 Middle School

One Million Lives Were Changed That Day
By Gabe Ceballos—6B

Last week, Mark Lozano, a young man of eighteen came to visit our school. The purpose of his visit was to campaign for his student-led project called One Million Lights that he and some of his friends spearhead and oversee till completion. The project’s objective was to distribute one million solar-powered lamps to people using harmful kerosene lamps to light their houses.

I loved his honesty in telling us he wasn’t really well versed talking to kids our age, and how he told us to laugh because people said he wasn’t funny (although we did laugh at his puns).

My class found his work interesting. We also realized from his talk that we should be grateful for the things God has already blessed us with. Many people out in the provinces have much less, not even safe lighting. Although seventy-nine lives listened and were changed by Mark Lozano today, out in the field, One Million Lights was changing one million lives.

One Million Lights in Everest
By Julianna Cabili– 7A

Recently, the Everest family was paid a visit by Mark Lozano, founder and co-creator of One Million Lights Philippines. He gladly introduced us to One Million Lights, a global organization whose sole intent is to distribute energy sufficient, solar-powered lights around the world. The talk, I believe, is a way to promote awareness for the 15 million people, who right now are living in blatant darkness, individuals like us.

As I recall, Mark presented a slide show, and I was thoroughly impressed. This initiative, remarkably conducted entirely by Filipino youth, had revised countless lives in a way that is inspiring, a way that is contentment, like the part during the presentation in which Mark shared with us the story with the old woman turning on her solar-powered lamp for the first time.

Raised in a family who provide for my every need, I cannot imagine what it is like for them, the underprivileged people who live off the noxious fumes of kerosene lamps every night. I can imagine a better, brighter future for them, thanks to One Million Lights.

Writing this, I reflect on my past actions. Coincidentally, this quarter’s theme is gratitude. I am grateful for my light and I just want to say thank you for making me - all of us- aware of what we have and what we are blessed with.

In the words of Aldus Dumbledore, "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

Mark shared his experience on being so young and helping so many people. He and his friends distributed over a thousand lights to provinces around the Philippines... Mark Lozano taught us about gratitude, giving, sharing and that no matter how small you are you can do big things.

Annika Allado, 6A

I find this “One Million Lights campaign kind of interesting because I find it astonishing for a college person (18 years old) and a group of high school college people helping out lower class communities. These young people give what others never had in their lives, a lamp powered by the sun!

Nicky Tuason, 7B