Thank you, Pope Benedict XV1

March 01, 2013 Lower School Middle School High School

Message from the Chaplain

We are living in a historic moment. The resignation of Pope Benedict opens a new episode in the history of the Church. We are participating in an event that will be remembered for many years. We are witnessing a man who has never said no to the Will of God whenever he is asked to sacrifice and to surrender himself for the Church.

Last night, the Pope’s last few words were simply “a pilgrim who is beginning the last part of his pilgrimage on earth.” He also promised that through prayer and love, he will continue to work for the common good and the good of the Church and all humanity.  Pope Benedict continues to give himself to the Church scaling the interior mountain of Transfiguration in order to spend the last moment of his life with Christ in prayer.

He is a model of what every Catholic is called to be as we continue this spiritual journey toward our heavenly home. We are all called to detach from our own egotism, selfish satisfaction, and personal sins in order to fulfill the mission that God had called us to accomplish. Lent is a beautiful moment to live this virtue of detachment, not only for the sake of it, but so that we can free ourselves from everything that is keeping us away from God in order to grasp on to Christ more firmly. We are pilgrims journeying through this passing world. We need to stay always focused on Christ in order to lead us back to Heaven.

Pope Benedict, thank you for your heroic example, and we pray for your final perseverance in this last stage of your earthly life as you dedicate yourself to pray for the Church and for us.

Fr. Hieu Nguyen, LC