High School

Intellectual Formation

Our goal is to positively prepare our high school students for the future and help them fulfill the unique mission for which they are created. We offer a highly customized curriculum tailor-fitted to our learning community, blending the standards of the RC Education, the more fortified paradigms underlying the DepED’s K to 12 program, and the horizon-expanding educational groundwork offered by the US-based Advanced Placement (AP) college preparatory program.

AP is especially formulated to guarantee readiness for tertiary education in any of the premier universities whether local or abroad. This is still supported and complemented by a study of a second language, music, fine arts, Physical Education, technology programs and some electives.

Our high school students are supported by post-secondary counseling, SAT, Colleges and Universities entrance exam and AP exam preparations, all to ensure that every student has access to the best post-secondary opportunities. They also continue to receive gender-specific format in classroom settings. However, there are subjects where the boys and girls are combined to allow more flexibility in timetabling school activities and to give them a preview of college/university life.

Other activities that would further their growth and enhance their leadership skills are available in the forms of varsity level sports and extracurricular programs.