Leadership Clubs


In order to support Integral Formation® Everest offers extracurricular programs and cultural clubs as a means of developing positive interests and qualities in students. These provide healthy recreation and a constructive use of free time and foster the student's identification with the school in a different setting within the school community.

Academic Clubs

Speech and Debate Society

Speech and Debate Society members are honed to have excellent public and extemporaneous speaking skills through collaborative and fun team activities. They are provided with the opportunity to participate in a competitive debate to learn how to confidently frame, present, and defend their ideas in a public and structured forum.

Engineering for Kids

Engineering for Kids brings Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) to Lower School and Middle school in a fun and challenging way. Students are inspired to build on their natural curiosity through hands-on learning.

Special Interest Clubs

Everest Singers

Everest Singers caters to Lower School students who are Broadway enthusiasts and performance-driven. Members are able to showcase their musical talents during various school events.

Sports Clubs

Taekwondo Club

Holding a full-accreditation from the Philippine Taekwondo Association, Taekwondo Club is one of the longest-running clubs in Everest. Students have fun while learning the core disciplines of the sport.

Iqzential Chess Club

Iqzential Chess Club aims to promote and improve the chess playing skills of the students using thinking techniques, progressive lessons, and tournaments. It also serves as the selection pool for future members of the Everest Academy Chess Varsity Team that annually competes in Manila International School Athletic Association (MISAA) Tournament.