As part of the students’ Integral Formation®, Everest offers extracurricular programs and special interest clubs to support and develop positive interests and qualities in students. These activities provide healthy recreation and constructive use of free time as well as foster the students’ sense of community.

Academic Clubs

Husky Times

Husky Times is a student publication club in lower school that provides a venue for students to enhance their creativity and writing skills.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an online interactive learning experience offered by SMILE Group. Students are challenged to form ideas and design projects for real-world situations through easy-to-find materials or coding classes.

Sports Clubs

Taekwondo Club

Holding a full-accreditation from the Philippine Taekwondo Association, Taekwondo Club is one of the longest-running clubs in Everest. Students have fun while learning the core disciplines of the sport.

Iqzential Chess Club

Iqzential Chess Club aims to promote and improve the chess-playing skills of the students using thinking techniques, progressive lessons, and tournaments. It also serves as the selection pool for future members of the Everest Academy Chess Varsity Team that annually competes in Manila International School Athletic Association (MISAA) Tournament.

Special Interest Club

Everest Singers

This club is for performance driven kids who love to sing and showcase their talent, gain confidence and develop camaraderie. Online sessions and virtual recitals will prove that music knows no boundaries.

Student-Initiated Clubs

EA Film Club

Students learn to write, shoot and edit their very own short films during their weekly meetings.

Music Appreciation Analysis Club

Students enhance their knowledge, deepen their appreciation, and broaden their tastes for music from across the globe through various interactive activities.

Model UN

Students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. They develop a deeper care and understanding of current world issues to become politically and socially aware so that they can one day change the world.