Leadership Clubs

Virtue Clubs

1st-3rd grade students learn to live virtue and love their faith in fun and practical ways they can understand and relate to, such as games, crafts and storytelling.

Conquest is an international network of clubs directed by the Legionaries of Christ, which works to form virtue in boys grades 4 and above through sports, spiritual activities and social outreach. This also includes Knights of the Altar or boys selected and appointed by the school Chaplain.

Challenge is an international all-girls club for girls grade 4 and above, which unites members seeking to form themselves to transform society so that Christian culture will prevail in the hearts of everyone they meet. Fun and dynamic activities are designed to help the girls grow in virtue, friendship and sharing their faith. It is also a positive place for girls to learn about themselves and create a positive impact on family, friends and the world through monthly outreach projects.

The Knights of the Altar Program is designed to help students internalize the Catholic formation they receive by enabling them to actively participate in the liturgy as altar servers and develop a personal prayer life that will help them form life-long habits.